Dealing with…Anxiety!

Hi guys,

today I thought to talk about something different from what I usually write about. Of course my life is not perfect and there’s a thing that doesn’t help it at all: anxiety. I’m sure that unfortunately a lot of people, especially teenagers suffer from anxiety very often nowadays and when I though about writing on this topic, I was a bit scared because you don’t know me and you may think “who cares?!”….but then I said to myself that maybe with this post I could have helped both me and you. So, here is my story!

It all started in 2010 when I was 15 years old, and I haven’t figured it out the reasons yet, but I know that is still something I’m dealing with. Not to bother you with a long story, one day when I was away from home, all of a sudden, I had such a bad panic attack that I had to go to the hospital. Since then I started not to eat as much as before and in less than 2 months I lost 6 kg, feeling always tired and poorly. I had to stop ballet (after 14 years) and the only thing that kept my mind away was school. Luckily I kept having good marks, but my life has completely changed: all my friends didn’t understand what was happening, so they simply ‘ran away’ and left me alone. It’s definitely true that you understand who your real friends are, only when you need them!
My anxiety and then depression, grew up so much, that I had panic attacks for simple things such as going out on my own, talking to people or just…being in public. I couldn’t handle that situation anymore, so my mom decided to take me to a therapist. I know that it can really help someone, and it helped me in some ways, but at the end…during this 5 years, I felt that every time I had to go there, I started panicking both before and after, because she made me remember all the problems that were hidden inside my brain. Also, in this 5 years I’v been taking different pills to calm my anxiety down, one of them is Xanax (maybe the most known one), and after a long time I understood that my body started to get used to them and that they didn’t work anymore, so it was just my brain that thought I needed them. Thankfully my mom, without telling it to me, started to reduce the amount of medicines I had to take and until I didn’t discover it, I felt the same as before. Now I’m still facing anxiety and all my fears, but I’m trying to take the pills only when necessary and not everyday. I’m learning to control my panic attacks, and whenever I feel anxious, I try to think about something that makes me happy or keeps me concentrate, like planning the rest of the day or something similar.
Now I’m getting a bit nervous and scared, so I won’t go deeper, but a thing that it’s important for me to say, is that knowing that I’m not alone and that there are a lot of people feeling the way I am, helped me a lot. So for this reason, I want to thank anyone who shares his personal story, because they can really help others. In particular I want to thank Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Tanya Burr, two youtubers, who usually talk about anxiety in they videos and gave me/ are giving me, a lot of hope!

I really hope that this short blog post will help someone out there, and If you have any questions or want to give some suggestions on who to control anxiety (or in general) I’ll be very thankful.

I hope not to have bothered you and to have made the right choice.



My Morning Routine


Today I want to share with you my morning routine and a simple every day make up.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFirst of all I clean my face with the ‘GARNIER PURE ACTIVE 3in1’ which cleans and purify your skin deeply and eliminates impurities. With its anti-bacterial formula it works as a daily cleanser, and it can be used:

– as a wash: enriched with Zinc known for its purifying properties, it purifies the skin and eliminates impurities, helping to protect against imperfections even before they appear;
– as a scrub: it contains Pumice, a natural exfoliating agent, to eliminate dead skin cells and unclog pores;
– as a mask: enriched with White Clay known for its smoothing and absorbing properties, it reduces shine.


Then I apply the ‘GARNIER SKIN NATURALS SOFT ESSENTIALS’ for dry and sensitive skin (but there are other available fort different typed of skin). It’s a 24hr hydrating day cream that’s also enriched with vitamin E to help protect skin against external aggressions. Its texture creamy, it smells like rose and it leaves a smoothy skin.



Third step is to apply some concealer under my eyes, because I wake up early so…my dark circles are always there to say hi! I’ve tried lots of different concealers, but the one that I’ve been using for longer is the ‘ERASE PASTE’ from Benefit Cosmetics. It’s available in three shades with brightening melon undertones to suit every skintone. You can apply it over an eye cream or over liquid foundation.


After taking care of my face, I apply make up. For every day make up I prefer not to overdo, so when my cream and concealer are completely dry, I
apply my liquid foundation. It’s the ‘SHISEIDO RADIANT LIFTING FOUNDATION B40’ which is a medium color, not to light neither to dark. It took me year to find the perfect foundation for me and I think I’ve finally found it!


Then it’s time for my powder which is ‘YVES SAINT LAURENT SHIMMERING POWDER 92521’ that I’ve been using for a lot of time…as you can tell, but there’s still a lot inside.

Last but not least, I put some eye pencil. I used to use a classic black eye pencil, but THEN I discovered a new thing: It’s an egyptian make up ‘eye pencil’ called “Kohl”. It’s a black powder that you can apply with a cotton swab, or something similar, wet. It’s incredible how long it says and when you blink it also goes one the upper part of your eyes!
It’s also available in different colors.

That’s it guys! I hope you’ll find it interesting and If you want to know more feel free to ask 🙂

February Playlist

Hi everyone!

On January because of my university exams, I barely forgot what music is! So when I finished them, I started to reconnect with the world again and have some relax. A thing that relaxes me a lot is music and I’m surely that a lot of you can relate to me on this point.

music speaks

Here’s my favorite playlist of the month:

1.   ‘Get it right’ by Miley Cyrus
2.   ‘Little things’ by One Direction
3.   ‘4×4’ by Miley Cyrus
4.   ‘Blank space’ by Taylor Swift
5.   ‘Really don’t care’ by Demi Lovato
6.   ‘Thinking out loud’ by Ed Sheeran
7.   ‘Give me love’ by Ed Sheeran
8.   ‘If I die young’ by The Band Perry
9.   ‘Santa tell me’ by Ariana Grande (I know that Christmas is over, but….whatever 🙂 )
10. ‘ Life of the party’ by Shawn Mendes
11. ‘Something big’ by Shawn Mendes
12. ‘Take me to church’ by Hozier
13. ‘The heart wants what it wants’ by Selena Gomez
14. ‘U.N.I’ by Ed Sheeran
15. ‘Uptown funk’ by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
16. ‘Wake me up’ by Ed Sheeran
17. ‘Welcome to New York’ by Taylor Swift
18. ‘Stockholm syndrome’ by One Direction
19. ‘Where do broken hearts go’ One Direction
20. ‘Act my age’ by One Direction
21. ‘Steal my girl’ by One Direction
22. ’18’ by One Direction
23. ‘ Girl Almighty’ by One Direction
24. ‘Ready to run’ by One Direction
25. ‘Little do you know’ by Alex & Sierra

Even if I put them in this order, I actually love them all!
I hope you like it, and if you listen to one or more of this songs, tell me and share also your playlist.

My new camera!


Hey everyone! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time and finally yesterday….my new camera arrived! I’ve ordered it online (‘cos it was cheaper! :P) and even if I was a bit afraid of what I could receive….here it is!
It’s a SAMSUNG NX3000 and in the box it has all its accessories: a flash, a dvd guide, a charger ecc…
It takes amazing photos and it has a lot of filters and different options for editing.
The display is orientable, so it’s perfect for selfie and a cool thing it’s that you can take photos just with a wink or a smile!
Videos are in HD quality.
I really recommend this camera both if you are  a professional photographer and if you’re not.
I’m looking forward to using it for my blog, twitter, Instagram and Youtube!

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